7 April 2022

Brand NEW Venue

Scheduled for April 2022, Talentpalooza is a one day celebration of the Talent Industry.

Connect with our amazing network and hear inspiring stories and case studies that will propel your learning and insights across all things Talent and HR.

Talent Think Tank

Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney

Talent – Access or Acquisition – what is the future?

The Great Resignation, The Great Rehiring, Remote or Hybrid working, Flexible work, Job Design, Work from Anywhere, Contingent Workforce…….

With all this going on, do we remain as we are – focussed on the external marketing, chasing the same candidates or do we approach it differently?  Now could be the golden age of the evolving recruitment function. 

Expert Explore

Online Event

10 March 2022 – 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM AEDT

Be the Leader you wish you had

Emjoy’s Emma and Luke will give you an exclusive sneak preview of the four leadership principles that underpin their upcoming program.



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Talent Table works with HR, Talent Acquisition and Talent communities across the ANZ and APAC regions, to advance the industry’s understanding of total talent and how it can impact the business.

We are a community of individuals and teams working in these fields, who seek to increase their knowledge of the future of talent and work.

Through our Talent Tribe™ community and our events, we are developing a framework to nurture, grow and develop total talent knowledge and leadership in the Asia Pacific region.

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