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At Talent Table, we believe we learn and innovate when we have opportunities to see and hear how others have done it. To have all the information and to take from it what works for you and your organisation. To be a totally informed talent professional. 

Talent Think Tank gives you a day to step away from your daily responsibilities and consider your strategy and talk with your peers and experts.  To consider the possible. 

The day is free to join. All we ask is that you attend if you register. There are plenty of opportunities to check in with the office throughout the day. 

What you will do; 

The Challenges: 

We start the day discussing the challenges that we are currently facing in relation to the topic. The demands in our role, our organisation and the external pressures that influence what we do. 

The Expert: 

Hear from either an in-house talent professional or an expert on how they have delivered on the challenges or can give insight on how to tackle it all. 

Speed Roundtables

In small groups look at the challenges and potential solutions in a series of round table discussions facilitated by one of our solution partners. 

The Solutions: 

Finish the formal part of the day with a final group roundtable that brings it all together providing you with actionable insights and ideas you can take back to your team. 


After the event, stay on for drinks and some great informal networking that has allowed us to build an energetic and supportive community in Australia. 

Upcoming Events

Talent – Access or Acquisition – what is the future?

**February 2022** EVENT POSTPONED

Brisbane: TBC

Melbourne: Thursday 2 June, 2022

Sydney: TBC

Talent – Access or Acquisition – what is the future?


We are presented with a brilliant opportunity in TA.

The Great Resignation, The Great Rehiring, Remote or Hybrid working, Flexible work, Job Design, Work from Anywhere, Contingent Workforce…….

With all this going on, do we remain as we are – focussed on the external marketing, chasing the same candidates or do we approach it differently?  Now could be the golden age of the evolving recruitment function. 

We are so busy with the business demanding more from us. How do we get ahead of that? What do we need to start thinking about? 


We will spend the day exploring: 

  • What can our future look like?
  • Are we purely an acquisition, externally facing function?
  • Do we now start to look at what we can do in accessing all markets – our internal workforce, the contingent workforce, job design and how we have those conversations with a Hiring Manager group that are now quite there with us.
  • How has attracting our workforce changed and what we need to do to keep our external message alive?
  • How do we tell stories at scale?
  • How do we access all the talent in the market? How do we manage our employees in this environment where they are driving this market for their demands to be met?

**February 2022 – EVENT POSTPONED

Brisbane: TBC

Melbourne: TBC

Sydney: TBC


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