There’s strength in numbers. The more people who come together, the more possibilities exist for us to make our roles and our contribution to our organisations better. 

If you work in talent acquisition, HR or people analytics, check out some of the benefits you’ll receive as a member of Talent Table Tribe. 

Member Benefits

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The best way to learn is from others.  When you join us, you’re instantly part of a community that’s greater than yourself.  On our Tribe platform, you can bounce ideas off others, learn what’s worked before and ask for advice from those who have already been there.


During the tough days of delivering a great service, it can be hard to keep your head up.  With our community you’ll have access to insights, resources, Case Studies and White Papers, available at your disposal.  When you need a pick-me-up, your community is there for you.


Talent Table will offer workshops, training and conferences in order to give you the opportunity to stay up-to-date with new trends.  It’s on our road map to offer mentoring, personal development, certified and learning programs to expand your skill set, qualifications and marketability.

Consultancy & Coaching

Do you have a TA Challenge and need advice on how to solve it?  Perhaps you are looking at implementing a new model or want to do some benchmarking?  Through our extensive network, we can find you the right TA Consultant and the right solution.

Specialist Learning Lab

People Analytics Learning Lab identifying talent approaches with optimum ROI, measuring talent performance and building business cases for investing in a differentiated talent function.

On our Road map

We’re planning a Book Club, Insight & Benchmarking Reports, Accredited Recruiter Training, Podcast and a Monthly Newsletter.

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Andrea Talent Table

Our Membership is based on your experience in Talent, HR & People Analytics


(Open to all)

Industry knowledge of TA/HR/PA and associated areas

In charge of delivering or improving how we do things but not in charge of what we do

Subject matter expert in one/few areas

Top Table Leader

(By Assessment)

Significant TA/HR/PA leadership experience and subject matter expert in a key area within Talent.

Determines team and function direction, in charge of delivering projects and change agenda, devising or improving how we do things.

Recognised as an expert in their area.

Executive Table

(By Invitation)

Global remit in large and/or complex organisations, probably with a large recruitment team or complex supplier management.

Significant leadership role and subject matter expert in a key area with Talent.

Leads the strategy and change agenda.


Membership Pricing

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“When you’re an internal talent acquisition leader, you need to be an expert at everything – a technical expert, marketing guru, motivator of recruiters, sourcing legend, procurement leader, reporting junkie and, of course, an occasional punching bag for hiring managers.


One thing that being part of Top Table Leaders by Talent Table has allowed me is access to highly skilled and competent TA people who have helped me appear far better than I actually am. We can lean on each other’s skills and passions and make TA better for everybody: our hiring managers, our candidates, our businesses and each other. Of course, because we’re TA people, we do it with a bit of fun too!”

Joel Broughton, Head of Talent Acquisition, BlueCross Aged Care.

Hear from the Tribe

“I’ve been involved with Talent Table since its inception in Australia and it has done a fantastic job of bringing together like minded talent professionals who want to raise the standard of internal talent functions across Australia.

The members lean on each other, ego’s are not allowed and it’s a passionate group that has everyone’s best interests at heart. Their events are highly informative, relevant and personable. Additionally, I’ve no doubt Talent Table has helped progress the careers of many talent leaders / consultants”.

Will Milnes-James, HR Project Consultant, Afterpay.

“Andrea and the team at Top Table Leaders are outstanding. Being surrounded by a network of selfless professionals whose sole goal is to support and improve HR practises in Australia has been a privilege and something I learn from daily”.

Fionnuala Crowley, Global Lead, TA & Analytics, Nufarm.

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