Interview at scale with Curious Thing

Interview at scale with Curious Thing

Curious Thing is an AI phone interviewer for recruiters who want to automate their screening process and gain deeper insights into their candidate pool.

The process is simple. Our AI phone interviewer will ask candidates questions and analyse their responses to deliver insightful data that scores behavioural traits like motivation, business acumen and communication skills. This data can then be used to make well-informed shortlisting decisions. Our product is the only one on the market that actively listens to candidates and asks highly relevant follow-up questions. 

Clients who use Curious Thing have reported reduced screening costs, higher candidate conversion rates and huge amounts of time saved. Our digital recruiter is available across Australia, USA, Philippines, Canada, New Zealand, UK and Singapore.

Their Client RWWA has an award-winning HR tech stack. A finalist for ‘Best Use of Technology’ in the 2020 HR Australian Awards, the team at RWWA use technology to create a point of difference in the market and improve their employer value proposition.

Curious Thing is used at the beginning of the RWWA recruitment process to screen candidates for behavioural attributes. Using our technology allows the recruitment team to give every candidate a chance to showcase their skills beyond their resume. It also gives the recruiting team insightful data to use when making shortlisting decisions and progressing candidates to second-stage interviews. 

ROI at a glance: 

  • Improved candidate experience 
  • Amplified employer value proposition 
  • Ability to screen for behavioural attributes early in the recruitment cycle

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