Minimising Biases in the Interview Process with Alcami Interactive

Minimising Biases in the Interview Process with Alcami Interactive

Join Jane Bianchini (Founder) for a workshop on how to structure an unbiased interview process with the use of the Alcami Interactive platform. During the session Jane will cover the following:

  • Understanding implicit biases
  • Creating good quality questions designed for video interviewing
  • Developing evaluation guides for a diverse recruiting team
  • Assessing written and verbal communication skills in one asynchronous interview
  • Reducing Biases in the screening process
  • Running a process for people with diverse and neurodiverse needs



About Jane Bianchini


Jane Bianchini has over 20 years experience in the IT and HR/Recruitment industry and is the founder/CEO of Alcami Interactive, a digital video interviewing platform that helps organisations make meaningful connections with their diverse candidate base for positive impact. 


Throughout her career Jane has held senior executive positions across both public and private companies, leading high performing organisations, recruiting technology professionals across APAC. Jane has held various Board positions throughout her career including Australian Computer Society, ITCRA and the Entrepreneurs Organisation. Jane exemplifies the essence of being a true entrepreneurial leader. She is well known for her courage, resilience and boundless positive energy.

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}  October 13, 2020
  Tuesday, 11:00 to 12:00
n  Talent Tech Tuesday
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Remaining Tickets: 81

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