Digital Events

We work with a range of businesses to curate unique events and inspiring experiences for the Talent and HR Community in the Asia Pacific region.  

We provide the perfect environment to meet and reconnect with the community, build networks and expand the view of the Talent/HR world.

Talent Tech Tuesday

A bi-weekly event, Talent Tech Tuesday introduces new tech to our fast growing network via an event platform which creates real-time, face to face interaction and networking which feels natural and fun.

This is not a product demonstration, but a way to understand how this Tech has enabled some other companies to solve their business challenges.

Talent Think Tank

Based around topics of interest to the Talent community, Talent Think Tank is suited to people looking for ideas, inspiration and solutions to industry challenges.

Commencing with round table meetings with invited vendors, we will then host a roundtable discussion and crowdsource solutions from our talent community.

We also hope to bring in an expert to present some ideas and thought leadership. 

Talent Palooza

Scheduled for Summer 2021, Talent Palooza is a one day celebration of the Talent Industry. 

Connect with our amazing network and hear inspiring stories and case studies that will propel your learning and insights across all things Talent and HR.

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