Despite the many ways our world has changed this year, so much remains the same.

Rapid changes in 2020 have fundamentally changed the business landscape and forced many organisations to adapt their recruitment and talent strategy. While some organisations have experienced disruptions in recruitment this year, talent acquisition is, and will continue to be, a critical function in the new world of work.

This White Paper will help you:
  • Understand the 5 recruitment metrics HR teams can get enormous value from
  • Learn the 3 areas of Talent Development to focus on to achieve great outcomes for our organisations
  • Broaden your scope from Talent Acquisition to Talent Development and learn how this can help you succeed in the new world of work.

This report is a collaboration between Talent Table and PageUp featuring original research from Talent Table’s Next Wave Talent event and leading HR software provider, PageUp.

Gain strategic recommendations about how to shape your organisation’s talent strategy to its fullest potential, from acquisition to development, and future-proof your career as a talent professional.

Download the White Paper here